A video game giveaway. What?!?

Please be sure to read to the end for details on the giveaway! And come back first thing tomorrow.  Will I post a savory or a sweet recipe?  I’m still undecided, but I have one of each in the works, so if you have a preference this is the time to tell me. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Or something.

If you’ve been hanging out here for a while, that title probably threw you for a loop. It’s no secret that I’m not the world’s biggest lover of video games.  In fact, I have a self-imposed set of rules that effectively eliminates nine out of every ten of the games on the market from our home.

  1. No games that turn you into couch potatoes.  Exercising your thumbs is not equivalent to exercising your body.
  2. No games that turn your brain off.  Exercising your hand-eye coordination from a sitting position does not improve your cognitive abilities overall.
  3. No games without redeeming qualities.  (And now you understand why we own a grand total of 3 video games.)

So when the Clever Girls Collective and Ubisoft got together and sent me a copy of the Wii game “Just Dance Kids” to review, I was pretty sure I was going to be donating it to the Salvation Army in short order.

The boys agreed to help me review the game.  Here is the result of our collaboration.


Now some nitty-gritty details:

  1. It is definitely a game skewed to the younger crowd.  If you kids are in the Winnie the Pooh/Blue’s Clues demographic, then they’ll probably enjoy this game.  Any older and you might face a mutiny.
  2. The older boys had to be ordered convinced to keep still about some of the faces pulled by dancers in the video game.  If you’re familiar with some of the “WOW! GEE! My legs are doing something that completely shocks me!” expressions used in ballroom dance then you have a good idea what I mean. And you probably have a good handle on why the older kids reacted that way.
  3. This game provides some honest-to-goodness exercise. The choreographed moves look deceptively simple.  I challenge you to give “A-B-C” a try and tell me otherwise.
  4. My three youngest kids have clocked some serious time on this game and it hasn’t lost its charm.  It’s a good value.
  5. You can have more than one player dancing at a time.  (My kids prefer to play solo, but the game doesn’t restrict them to that.)

Now the giveaway.

Ubisoft  provided me with a copy of the game to give to one reader.   Interested in scratching one item off your gift list?  Here are the rules:

  1. Leave a comment about your plans for the upcoming holidays.  What are you looking forward to the most?
  2. That’s it.  You know I’m not crazy about convoluted contest rules.
  3. Happy Hannukah
  4. Merry Christmas
  5. Get out your dancing shoes and prepare to busta move.*

*Does saying ‘busta move’ date me?

I’ll pick and announce the winner this Sunday afternoon, November 5th.  Good luck!


  1. Elizabeth says

    I’m totally looking forward to Christmas break when I get my boys all to myself and we can do whatever we want (including playing the wii!)

  2. says

    That looks like a great game! My two year old loves the Wii Fit but I’m scared for my board, so that would be great!

    I’m just looking forward to long holiday weekends. Also, all the grandparents come over for breakfast on Christmas morning and it’s all mine to plan and cook and I always enjoy that. This will be the first year that my son can actively participate and enjoy Christmas so that should be fun!

  3. says

    I’m looking forward to seeing all of the family at 4 different family gatherings! We’ll be seeing people we only get to see once a year or once every other year.

  4. Sharon says

    Really looking forward to baking for everyone, me included! Cant wait to make the chocolate toffee crunchies (even for breakfast!). Already compiling recipes for the holiday season. My 4 kids love to help too!

  5. Emily says

    My kids are enamored with dumb wii games and mama needs to update her dance moves, so this would be a screaming success at my house.

    Looking forward to? Food. Monkey bread, specifically.

  6. Janel says

    awww.. he looks so sweet with his dance moves! I bet I know some kids who would like this! We are looking forward to being off work/school for 2 weeks to enjoy some time at home.

  7. Emily says

    I’m looking forward to my twins’ first Christmas-ok it is their secon but since they came home on Christmas Eve last year we are counting it as their first. We will celebrate here and then travel to visit my family. Not only will we get to celebrate Christmas, but their birthday as well.

  8. DeeDee says

    This has been a rough year for our family and I am just really looking forward to everyone getting together at our home for Christmas morning.

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to fudge for breakfast…

  9. says

    Health and finances both hit bottom this year. But one good thing about being a senior citizen is that it is far better than the alternative. We still have each other, we still love each other, and we can still enjoy the feel of clay between our fingers as we make pottery.

    What more can anyone ask?

    Well, the company of one son and grandson this year out of the 12 in the collective next generation! At 13, said grandson isn’t surprised by stockings, and is old enough to appreciate that grandma and grandpa still fix his pancake special treats on Christmas morning! And generous enough to pretend he loves pottery more than any other gift under the tree!

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