Why I’ve been a little distracted…

How in the world am I supposed to sit down and write when I keep seeing these all over my yard and house?



And they’re attached to these…


…And all those want is to be fed.  How in the world am I supposed to say no to feet- I mean faces- like that?  My will is weak, people. 

I haven’t forgotten the rest of you, though. 

On deck~ Healthy (and not so much healthy) summer treats including:

  • Homemade Grapenuts Cereal
  • G.O.R.P. Lindamood Style
  • Insanely Thick Triple Chocolate Milk Shakes
  • Orange Juliuses (would that be Orange Julii?)
  • …And much, much more (Please read the preceeding sentence with the whole SUNDAYSUNDAYSUNDAY monster truck rally voice.  Thank you.)

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