Homey don’t play that!

I dislike clowns.  I really do.  They creep me out massively.  But if I were to hire a clown for my children’s birthday parties I would hire ‘Homey D. Clown’  from ‘In Living Color’.  Without further adieu:




Okay.  I said without further adieu, but I have to say that my husband has been laughing so hard he’s actually having an asthma attack and he’s wheezing behind my left elbow as I type this…  Wheeze.  Wheeze.  Laugh.  (“Stop it,” he says…)






  1. Me too – I don’t like clowns. But I love magicians… :)

  2. I know what DSO will be hearing lots of in the future: Arlene don’t play that! I’ve only seen In Living Color once or twice; I can see why your husband was wheezing.

  3. Christie- Magic or illusions?

    Arlene- I loved In Living Color almost as much as I loved Saturday Night Live. I mourn them both (’cause SNL just hain’t what she used to be!)

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