10 Easy Cheesy Recipes

Disclosure: This round-up is sponsored by Land O’Lakes, Inc., but all thoughts remain, as always, my own.

When the weather turns cold, my thoughts turn to comfort food. In my book, comfort food almost always comes under a generous amount of something cheesy and melted. It’s hard to feel anything other than happy and satisfied when there are loads of melted, gooey cheese dripping down whatever you’re eating, and it’s hard to find something that melts better and more smoothly than Land O Lakes® Deli American. I want to share 10 Easy Cheesy Recipes with you today. Some are here from Foodie with Family, some come from my blogger buddies, and all of them are certain to fill that melty need! And bonus time! My friends at Land O’Lakes have generously offered to give away a Deli American gift package to help make melty dreams come true. Scroll to the bottom of the round-up for the giveaway details.


Good for your soul Trashy Barbecue Pulled Pork & Toasted Cheese Sandwiches from foodiewithfamily.com

Trashy Barbecue Pulled Pork & Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Sourdough sandwich bread piled high with barbecue pulled pork, melty cheese, and toasted to brown, buttery perfection. Good for you? Not by a long shot, but great for your soul!

Crispy Cheesy Barbecue Chicken and Bacon Eggrolls from foodiewithfamily.com #spon #cheese

Cheesy Barbecue Chicken and Bacon Egg Rolls

The crispy, crunchy eggroll wrapper surrounds a melty, cheesy, bacon studded, barbecue chicken filling that will keep you coming back for more! Serve with extra barbecue sauce for a delicious departure from the average eggroll.

Chorizo Beef Burger with Crispy Onion Straws from Nutmeg Nanny

Chorizo Beef Burgers with Crispy Onion Straws

This amazing burger from Nutmeg Nanny is the perfect big mouth burger. Topped with bbq fry sauce, candied jalapeños and Deli American, it is sure to make your day a little brighter.

Spinach Omelet Grilled Cheese for #PinaMealGiveAMeal and @Landolakesktchn

Spinach Omelet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Toasted multi-grain bread filled with perfectly oozing melted Deli American surrounding a tender, text-book omelet that was wrapped around garlicky spinach, chopped ham, and even more molten, liquid, cheesy goodness.

The Ultimate Queso Blanco Dip from foodiewithfamily.com #IAmDeliAmerican #Client

The Ultimate Queso Blanco Dip

Melted Deli American and Monterey Jack cheeses, chopped green chiles, and garlic is the ultimate queso blanco dip. Dunk tortillas, pretzels, or spread on tacos, burritos, or your face!

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip from A Family Feast

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

This ‘deconstructed bacon cheeseburger’ – ground beef mixed with all of your favorite burger fixings: melted cheese, ketchup, relish, mustard – with sautéed onions and A-1® Sauce and a sprinkle of crispy bacon from A Family Feast will have you dipping over and over.

Filthy Burger (Beef, Barbecue Pulled Pork and Bacon Burgers) | www.foodiewithfamily.com

Filthy Burgers

This blissfully meaty, perfectly grilled, juicy, beef burger is studded with barbecue pulled pork and crispy bits of bacon, topped with melted pepper jack cheese or Deli American, tangy barbecue sauce, and tender lettuce on a toasted bun. It’s sure to make you a grilling superstar!

Chicken Bacon Spinach Grilled Cheese from Nutmeg Nanny

Chicken Bacon Spinach Grilled Cheese

This gorgeous sandwich from Nutmeg Nanny is obviously packed with cheesy goodness, but it’s also packed with freshly cooked chicken breast, super crunchy bacon, sweet baby spinach and a delicious garlic mayonnaise. This is the type of sandwich, as she says, that you go out of your way to have.

Easy Cheesesteak Sandwiches from Aggie's Kitchen Easy Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Browned, thinly sliced steak with loads of pan-fried peppers, onions, and mushrooms stuffed in a bun and smothered with Deli American. When Aggie’s Kitchen does an Easy Cheesesteak Sandwich, she does it right!

Cranberry N Cheese Grill from Land O Lakes Cranberry N Cheese Grill

This grilled cheese with zesty cranberry sauce and turkey is directly from

Land O’Lakes Test Kitchen. I can so see this happening after Thanksgiving!

. I can so see this happening after Thanksgiving!

The Giveaway


My friends at Land O’Lakes want to help one Foodie with Family reader achieve melty sandwich perfection with a fun “I Am Deli American” gift pack including a gorgeous Breadman® bread machine, bread knife, panini press, sandwich plates, cloth napkins, and some fun I Am Deli American merchandise. This gift package will keep you turning sandwiches out all winter long!

How do I enter the giveaway?

It’s simple! Just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite use is for Deli American! The giveaway closes October 25, 2015. One winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Good luck, everyone!

For more information about LAND O LAKES® Deli American, visit I Am Deli American. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!



  1. Robby says

    There are at least 3 recipes here demanding to be tried immediately. But let’s be honest, a good old grilled cheese sandwich is the comfort food that can’t be beat, and a real test of American cheese.

  2. Rachel Stephenson says

    My favorite use for deli American cheese would be in pigs in a blanket. I have a 6 year old and 2 year old twins that absolutely love them. A very close second is grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.

  3. Cheryl Schuh says

    Good old fashioned grilled cheese is hard to beat, but combine it with a little turnkey, thin slice of apple and some cranberry sauce and you have hit cheese heaven.

  4. Kristy Douglas says

    I do believe that my favorite Land O’lakes cheese sandwich is thinly sliced deli roast beef that has been warmed in au ju then I layer on american cheese, put the lid on on let it melt (burner off) then I pile it on toasted garlic bread rolls(crusty rolls spread w/garlic butter and broiled) and top with caramelized onions and sometimes horseradish sauce. That’s it and it is yummy!!

  5. Julie says

    ALWAYS use white American for my queso….it is the best! Also when I buy white American I have to hide from my husband or he will eat it all just plain within a day or two!

  6. Leslie says

    I love to eat sliced cheese all by itself while I’m preparing other things. If I’m cooking with it, you just can’t beat a yummy, melty grilled cheese sandwich. And I need to try that queso dip!

  7. Dee Fedor says

    I make special Grilled Cheese sandwiches ALL THE TIME! The rescue dog goes NUTS when I am grilling one up for her with extra vegetables! Makes her feel like a special part of the family .Land O Lakes Deli American for the WIN!

  8. Ann says

    My favorite way to use Deli American cheese is a grilled cheese sandwich with green chillies! Best ever on a cold, rainy day.

  9. Jim says

    Ever since my first effort at queso blanco dip I have been on a quest for the best. This one is at the top of the list.

  10. Jill says

    It’s hard to pick a favorite way to use cheese, but if I had to, I’d say grilled bacon and cheese on homemade bread is hard to beat. Yum!

  11. Heidi says

    I will be trying several of these cheesy recipes in the next couple of weeks. I love it when the weather cools and soup and sandwich make a perfect fall dinner. My favorite cheesy sandwich has to be a classic Reuben. Hot pastrami with lots of melty cheese, homemade Thousand Island dressing and tangy kraut on rye bread.

  12. Trudy L says

    While I like to put American cheese on sandwiches and homemade burgers, my husband and sons just like intermittently going to the fridge throughout the evening and pulling out a slice of cheese to snack on all by itself. :)

  13. says

    This is right up my alley, I am a cheese o”holic! I love having people over and making a gourmet grill cheese buffet!
    Congrats on the cookbook, I will totally be ordering one, super happy for you!

  14. Ann GG says

    We love to put it on our breakfast sandwiches. No breakfast sandwich is complete without it’s cheese! I also like to put it on hot dogs with some jalapenos. Yummy!

  15. christine says

    My favorite way to use the Deli American would be for “Very Cheesy Pizza Melts”. My children love them. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great appliance.

  16. LindaB says

    Roast beef, Deli American cheese, mild green chiles and chipotle mayonnaise on ciabatta bread. Grilled, panini style!!!

  17. Karen Kirk says

    Love a grilled turkey or ham with any Land O Lakes Deli American. Looking forward to trying these new cheese recipes.

  18. Rie says

    “A” favorite she asks for. How can a cheese lovin’ gal such as myself only name one. Nibble some with a glass of wine and some apple slices…..classic grilled cheese with tomato (HINT; use mayo instead of butter – you don’t have to worry about it tearing the bread and the taste YUMMO – I can add calories like no one!), toppings on burgers, chicken, steak….added to salads….right out of the stinkin’ package standing over the kitchen sink while putting away groceries…..and OMG…That cover photo on this blog!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happening soon….. Sorry….Just get a little carried away when it comes to cheese!!!!

  19. Jeri says

    Land o Lakes is our favorite deli American cheese (and I’m not just saying that because I want to win). Our favorite is a hot ham and cheese with whatever garnishes we have…roasted peppers, pickles, tomatoes, avocado, jalapenos…we’re equal opportunity garnishers. We like to mix up the bread too, but my personal favorite is good old-school Italian bread.Yum, now I need to make a deli run.

  20. Theresa M. says

    Cheese belongs on everything! But if I had to name a favorite, it would be a big, juicy burger with lots of oozy melty cheese dripping down the sides. In desperate situations, a slice of cheese on a saltine always helps.

  21. Yvette N. says

    My new favorite way to use their cheese slices is:
    Open face english muffins, mozzarella cheese, Pesto, and tomatoes..melted under the broiler until nice and melty!

  22. Deitan says

    All of the above super cheese-y offerings above sound awesome! We especially love pairing cheese with all things tuna. Straight on a sandwich, tuna melt ( which can lead to all kinds of creative flavor pairings), grilled cheese, could go on and on. Yum, going to have to have something melty, gooey now;)

  23. Jana says

    Good ole Grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup. Although my husband eats this cheese with anything and everything!

  24. Kristi N says

    My favorite use of deli American cheese is to make a pot roast sandwich; shredded leftover pot roast topped with cheese and grilled between two buttered slices of Italian bread…yum!

  25. Melissa L Moore says

    I love it in a sourdough grilled cheese with slices of avocado, pan fried in butter on each side, and sprinkled with sea salt.

  26. jackie says

    my fav still has to be plain old grilled cheese with 3 slices of american cheese and tomato soup with melted cheese “crackers” on top.

  27. Jennifer says

    We love cheese, but my absolute favorite is a grilled cheese on sourdough with grilled onions, mushrooms, and bacon.

  28. Colleen Gorman says

    It is a tie …either a patty melt or a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. If we let the cat vote, she wants the grilled ham and cheese,

  29. Renee Kern says

    My favorite use for deli American cheese has always been the good old grilled cheese. However, when making my gram’s Mac and cheese a few months ago, I put a few slices of American cheese (torn into pieces) in with the sharp cheddar, and it made it taste even better! That is my new favorite use for deli American cheese.

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